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Hungry Giraffe - 13"

Price: $225.00
Shona folklore tells about 'Twiza', the gentle giraffe.  After God created the animals he spoke to them and explained their roles on Earth.  Twiza was so captivated by God's voice that he stretched his neck out as far as possible to hear Him better.  This impressed God greatly and for his effort he gave Twiza a graceful long neck to show all other animals that, in life, a little extra effort can be rewarded.
This African art form is known as Shona sculpture because it is carved by the Shona of Zimbabwe.  The Shona people of Zimbabwe have been hand sculpting stone into works of art for nearly a thousand years.   Even though the craft is ancient, the style has continually evolved and the carvings created today are both beautiful and elegant.  The contemporary, yet eternal, shape of these sculptures bring splendor to the home and compliments any decor.  The themes these sculptures portray represent  esteemed values in the Shona culture of family, love, life and nature.
The stone is usually serpentine and can be found in Zimbabwe with  colors ranging from black and green to yellows, orange, grey, red, and even purple.  Each piece is unique, both in the expression made by the sculptor's hands and in the natural patterns in the rock formed millions of years ago. 
An information and care instruction card will be included with your sculpture.
Medium:  Stone
Height: 13 inches
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