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Family of 3 - 20.5"

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This African art form is known as Shona sculpture because it is carved by the Shona of Zimbabwe.  "Ukama" is the Shona word for 'close family relationship'.  Central to Shona culture is the support and success of the family.  Success is not measured by material wealth, but by the accomplishment of creating a loving and supportive family environment full of health and happiness.  
This family of three Shona sculpture portrays the bond of support between parents and children.  The arms are united to shield them from outside adversity while at the same time enabling them to express their love and closeness to each other.
The above information is included on a card with your Shona sculpture.
Medium:  Stone
Height:  20.5 inches
Width:  15.5 inches
Weight:  66.5 pounds

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