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Happy Couple

Price: $450.00
This African art form is known as Shona sculpture because it is carved by the Shona of Zimbabwe.  The love between a man and a woman is fundamental to the values of Shona culture.  Marriage is highly valued and from an early age, the children are taught to respect and honor its sanctity. The love between a man and his wife is vital to the health and happiness of their family and those close to them.  The Shona believe that love is eternal and once professed, will transcend even death.
This Shona sculpture portrays the profound and everlasting love between two people.  Two souls  are captured in an eternal embrace and appear to be dancing --- an expression of their love and happiness together.
Artist:  Simon Kadlima
Medium:  Serpentine Stone
Height:  14 inches
Weight:  36.5 pounds
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