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Shona Stone Sculpture Care

Our African sculptures are carved from serpentine stone and require little care.  However, a few of them are carved from verdite.  If your sculpture is carved from verdite, DO NOT follow these repair instructions. 
While serpentine stone is a hard stone, it can become scratched or chipped.  Take care when handling sculptures because rings and other jewelry can scratch the finish.  To fix minor scratches, heat the affected area with a heat gun or hair drier for approximately 30 seconds.  Once hot, rub the area with your finger until the scratch disappears.  Buff with a cloth to regain shine.  In the event of a deep scratch or chip, the area can be sanded with fine-grained sand paper.  Once sanded, heat the affected area for approximately 1 minute until the area becomes very hot.  Apply wax (the best wax to use is a carnauba based was used for cars, floors, as a wood sealant).  We use Howard Citrus-Shield Natural Paste Wax.  Allow to cool completely and buff with a cloth.  In the event of breakage, two pieces can be re-attached using 5-minute epoxy glue.
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